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STV+ is now easier than ever.

SpoilerTV has been integral part of TV watchers and participators for more than a decade. With the launch of STV+ in 2012, we established one of the most popular online ratings databases on the web.  Since 2012, the web has evolved, and we are ready to do that as well.

STV+ will now be offered to our readers directly via a small subscription.  The same STV+ you have been accustomed to will remain in place, updated daily. However, in order to offer this to you, we have changed the business model into a "SubStack-style" subscription.  So you get other benefits like an in-depth newsletter and access to SpoilerTV.com ad free.

Now, we are well aware of the implications of taking something that was once free and turning it into a paid service. However, we do pay extensively to both receive these ratings and organize/display them. At the moment, offering them on a stand-alone site is not viable for us.  So in order for us to keep providing this service, we believe a small monthly fee is reasonable for the value it provides.

Once you subscribe, you will start receiving emails immediately and access to the database will be sent over as well.

Send us a note at plus@spoilertv.com and we will be happy to address any and all concerns you might have.